Application forms, relevant documents and useful links

PLCT application forms and process

Expression of Interest Application Form – plct-eoi-application-form-2021

Expression of Interest – Shortlisting Score Sheet.  (This is used by the PLCT shortlisting panel, but has been included here for your information) – PLCT-EOI-scoresheet

Application Process Flowchart – PLCT-app-flowchart

Relevant documents

PLCT Strategic Plan – PLCT Early Intervention – Strategic Plan 2012

Risk Factor Checklist – risk factors check list

Accredited evidence based parenting programmes

Any parenting programmes that are being delivered must be accredited as an evidence based programme.  The following websites provide details of accredited, evidence based parenting programmes

CANparent –

The Early Intervention Foundation –

Recommended measurement tools

PLCT grants will only be approved if there is clear indications of how before and after outcomes will be measured.  The following are some recommended measurement tools.  Any tools that are used must be validated.

Karitane parenting confidence scale (guidance manual) – Karitane parenting confidence scale – manual

Karitane parenting confidence scale – Karitane parenting confidence scale

Maternal Attitude Scale – Maternal attitude scale

Parental Stress Scale (guidance and questionnaire) – Parental stress scale

Other useful publications

WAVE Trust ‘Conception to Age 2 – the age of opportunity’ report – March 2013  * Wave Trust – Conception to age 2 – the age of opportunity

NSPCC ‘All Babies Count’ report  * NSPCC – All babies count prevention protection vulnerable babies report

NSPCC ‘ Spotlight on Perinatal Mental Health’ report  * NSPCC – Spotlight report on Perinatal Mental Health

The 1001 Critical Days – The Importance of the Conception to Age Two Period – a cross party manifesto – June 2014  * 1001 Critical Days – The Importance of the Conception to Age Two Period – June 2014

Building Great Britons – Conception to Age 2 – First 1001 Days – all parliamentary groups – February 2015  * Building Great Britons Report – Conception to Age 2 – Feb 2015

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