How do we help?

Grant Support

We provide our principal charitable support from our grant-making programme.  Grants are paid in quarterly instalments for periods of up to 4 years.  Grant sizes vary; we encourage applicants to speak to us to discuss suitable funding.

Grant Making Policy

Grants are primarily made to registered charities operating and based within Gloucestershire. There is a preference to fund small to medium sized organisations (i.e. income between £10,000 – £1m pa), but the principal criteria is the selection of organisations that will enable the Trust to fulfil its mission and targeted outcomes.


  • The PLCT Board of Trustees approves all grants. Its decisions are not subject to appeal
  • All grant recipients are subject to the conditions of grant agreed with the Trust at the beginning of the grant payment process – this includes the Trust’s right to request an external audit, commitment to quarterly monitoring requirements (including the outputs and outcomes identified in the approved grant application), and any other specific conditions agreed between the Trust and the applicant.
  • Applicants are required to have comprehensive and up-to-date safeguarding policies and procedures in place.
  • Due diligence – as part of the application and monitoring process, the structure, governance and management of grant applicants is scrutinised. This includes evaluation of their internal policies and procedures regarding investment, reserves and risk management.
  • Grants are made to organisations and the Trust does not generally consider appeals from, or on behalf of, individuals.
  • The Trust does not generally consider capital appeals, i.e. requests for building costs or large items e.g. mini-buses.
  • The Trust does not generally fund individual activities or a trip unless they are part of a programme of activities that can be shown to have an impact against the Trust’s targeted outcomes.
  • The Trust does not normally provide grants or donations for projects, where the grant or donation is to cover expenditure that has already been incurred or committed.

Support and Advice

Successful applicants (known as Preferred Partners) can gain access to extra support from the Trust.  This support can take several forms but current examples include:

  • Funding Advice – signposting to other funding sources and advice on making applications
  • Links – helping preferred partners develop working connections to like-minded organisations
  • Information Sharing – sharing local data, successes and examples of good practice
  • Representation – presenting the experiences of Preferred Partners to county-wide and regional organisations

Partnership and sharing experiences

We have a strong commitment to encourage organisations to work together, to share experiences, and where possible, to put in joint applications.  We not only encourage partnership bids, we also help potential applicants find like-minded organisations with whom they can develop joint proposals.

We actively encourage the organisations we support to talk to one another and to share their experiences, skills and knowledge.



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