Who are we?

The Peter Lang Children’s Trust is a grant-making charity based in Gloucestershire.  The Trust was founded by Swiss businessman Peter Lang.  Since 2003 we have been giving grant support to organisations working with children and young people in the Gloucestershire area.

Besides leaving all his personal wealth to the Trust, Peter also left his company – Peter Lang International Academic Publishing – to the Trust.  In 2015, the Trust sold the publishing company to the Management Team.

Peter had a real concern for young people and wanted to ensure his personal wealth went to support those in need.  Peter was aware that many young people are deprived of the personal security and opportunities to develop enjoyed by their peers.  He dedicated himself to helping those young people disadvantaged by difficult personal, social and economic backgrounds.  Sadly, Peter died in 2001 before realising his vision.  However, Peter’s work continues under the guardianship of the Trustees of the Peter Lang Children’s Trust, all sharing his goal of making a real impact on the lives of young, disadvantaged people.


Peter Lang Children’s Trust is a registered charity No. 1121344

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