PLCT conference – ‘Keeping Fathers in the Frame’

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The next PLCT conference is being held on Friday 9th June, 9am – 4.45pm at the Hallmark Hotel, Matson Lane, Gloucester GL6 4EA

£50 per delegate

To book a place, please complete and return a conference booking form

A full programme is available here PLCT conference programme

Speakers include:

Raquib Ibrahim and Alan McMasterBringing Dad into the family picture’. This presentation will take you on a journey of how Mellow Parenting saw there was a need for a father-specific attachment-based early intervention parenting programme, and then developed this to be used to support father-child relationships across Scotland. As response to need, the programme has also gone on to be piloted in prisons. The presentation will share evaluation findings from the community groups and prison pilots and will discuss some of the successes and challenges when working with fathers. (Raquib Ibrahim is Evaluation & Research Officer and Alan McMaster is Development Officer at Mellow Parenting)

Stuart Hannah‘Thinking about the ‘good enough’ fathers in the twenty first century: What they do to promote healthy development and what can we do to promote healthy development in them?’ Stories from theory and practice. (Stuart Hannah is a social worker and a child and adolescent psychotherapist based in Leeds)

Judith Rees‘Three ways a new innovative ‘Healthy Relationships: Healthy Baby’ Programme works with new fathers and Domestic Abuse’. This presentation will be about how HRHB is a new innovative whole family intervention working with co-parents aimed at protecting babies from the impact of domestic abuse and breaking harmful patterns in relationships, helping them make sense of their own childhood by overcoming childhood trauma whilst promoting sensitive and attuned parenting leading to secure parent-infant attachment from their baby’s early development in pregnancy up to age 2. Case studies will be used to illustrate how the programme is being effectively delivered to fathers including how Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) provides fathers the opportunity to make changes in their relationships to provide their babies the best possible start in life, to live in a safe, secure and loving environment where they can flourish.  (Judith Rees is the Director of the Healthy Relationships: Healthy Baby Programme. The Stefanou Foundation)

Sebastian KraemerAre Fathers Optional?  From Palaeolithic to Psychoanalytic Perspectives’ Humans evolved multiple caregiving of infants, allowing for greater socialisation and reflective capacity. Amongst the extra parents are biological fathers, whose existence is uniquely interesting to children as soon as they know how babies are made. The paternal function – a third position – is not biological and may be carried out by other adult figures, including the mother herself. (Sebastian Kraemer was an NHS consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist for 35 years. His latest essay on fatherhood is ‘Narratives of fathers and sons: ‘there is no such thing as a father’ –

Karen Kilner and Sarah Cook‘Using volunteers to enhance engagement of fathers in the perinatal period.’  This presentation covers preliminary findings from an ongoing project on of the development and delivery of specialist training of volunteers to work with fathers.   The aim is to increase the engagement of fathers in the perinatal period and to promote parent infant mental health for fathers.  The main innovation is a training package and development of resources to enhance volunteer home-visiting support and group support to vulnerable families, which specifically engages fathers. The training is based on psychoanalytic, attachment, developmental and neurobiological theories relating to the perinatal period.  It also covers post-natal depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions in fathers, and of the stress placed on fathers who are also carers for a partner suffering with a mental health condition.  Volunteers are encouraged to think of dynamic and active ways of engaging fathers during weekly home-visiting support to families, as fathers are often sidelined.  (Karen is a specialist health visitor in the Tameside Parent Infant Mental Health Early Attachment Service and Sarah is CEO of Home Start in Tameside)

Tessa Bidlington and Laura Kavanagh‘The Turnabout Programme: Developing empathy in fathers who have used harmful behaviour towards their partners.’  This is a community programme for men who have abused their female partners. Most participants are reluctant to engage. Significant change can be facilitated when men begin to understand how their abusive behaviour affects their children.  Most participants have a background of maltreatment in childhood and the journey through the programme can be challenging and life-changing.  (Tess Biddington is a freelance trainer and consultant and established the programme in Gloucestershire in 2013.  Laura Kavanagh is the current programme coordinator.  Both have worked in the field of domestic abuse for many years)

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